Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thrift Store treasures

There is a local thrift store called "Experienced Merchandise" where I go frequently for treasures. I have patterns from the 1960's and 1970's, LOADS of bake ware, I even got a microwave (in great working condition) for $5. Today I found this:

It just looked like it had so many possibilities! So I bought it at a whopping $1.50, along with 4 packages of blanket binding, a new pincushion, and a really good wood-handled crochet hook (total $3.50). I knew I was going to use it for storage of my many arts and crafts products. I chose to have one drawer for ink and one for stamps. With the bookplates though I can change my mind at some point in the future. I went into my paper stash and chose 4 coordinating prints from the Spring 2009 DCWV Stack. I cut 3 inch squares and started a pattern. Here is my finished product (except it needs another coat of white paint and possibly some embellishments).

What happened to the dress I was making? Well, I put it on hold and am going to work on something else. This bag from cute2carry is just adorable and "sew" easy to make! These are the materials I am using:

Hopefully I will have this finished tonight or tomorrow sometime and then I may be able to start on Aubrey's dress. I also have a great plan for RJ from plum pear apple (she is a genius!) and some cute material to do it with. He will be so excited, I hope I can wrap it up and get him on camera opening it; he and Aubrey run around like this every morning:

I am feeling inspired and happy with how much I am accomplishing right now.

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  1. Could you please kick my butt into gear. You are making me feel lazy LOL. I do not have one creative bone in my body.. I wish I did.