Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been a while, an update

It has been such a long time since I've thought to sit down and blog. Maybe I don't believe that anyone is that interested in my life (which is true). Maybe I've been depressed (also true). It has definitely been an adjustment the past year or so. We moved away to try and make a life in Albuquerque... it didn't work.

Now we are back (from outer space)... and I've got a sad look upon my face. BUT (yeah, it's coming) I will SURVIVE!! Hahahaha.

Aubrey is now 14 months old and SUCH a diva. I swear I must have been downright EVIL as a child (yes, Sara we all know your opinion!!) She is giving me a run for my money.

My mother just says she has a stronger will than I do, that each woman who births another gets stronger. I'd hate to see what my great-granddaughters will be like then!

She can be quite darling though too (babies are cute so you don't eat them or something.) She loves her brother to pieces and she is DAMN smart!

RJ, who turned 5 in January is registered for Kindergarten now. He is also taking Taekwando and has already, in 6 weeks, advanced a belt! I am so proud of him. His teacher sees the potential in him. He says that RJ is very disciplined for his age. Not to mention he can charm the pants off of anything with a pulse!

He is in a "ladies first" stage... and the reactions he gets, oh boy... hopefully it is enough encouragement for him to keep it up. A woman at El Pollo Loco nearly fell over when he opened the door for her and said "ladies first". I only wish it wasn't so shocking that a five year old has great manners and respect for women!

He is learning how to swim (from me). We try and go every night after Aubrey goes to bed, but he gives me nights off now and again (like Mother's day).

Matt and I are doing well. We have our ups and downs, even more so with the market being what it is. We've both taken pretty severe pay cuts, but are glad to have clean sheets and warm meals every night... with the ability to indulge ourselves every now and again. I hope I never take for granted just how lucky we are.

I will try and keep this a little more up-to-date now. My mama friends are inspiring me to chronicle a little more of the mundane. TTFN

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  1. OMG I can't believe how big little miss has gotten. Where the heck did the baby go???? And RJ is turning into such a handsome little man instead of just little boy. What a wonderful thing to teach a child manners. I hope he sticks with them! He'll continue to charm the pants off of women for a long time to come!