Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Dam Barbeque

Another scrumptious Saturday!! This time it was all about the eating though! Matt heard about the best dam barbecue cook off here in the BC. So we decided to get some friends together and check it out. We scoped it out on Friday evening, when everything was already set up and oh the smells! It is within a reasonable walking distance from the house, so we set out in 2 different parties. The "girls" and the "boys".

The first thing we had were sno cones since most of the booths were out of ice by 1:15pm (it opened at 10:00am). We sat in the shade in front of City Hall. Then we went and looked around for some grub! There was a huge line for whiskey ranch bbq which one of our friends waited in. They had loads of trophies, but I really was not THAT impressed. It was good, don't get me wrong, but I've had better. The beans were good, as was the pulled pork but the mac'n'cheese was TERRIBLE. I also tried ozark bbq they had killer beef ribs, but the extra sauce was a little much. The potato salad and beans were average. Overall it was a stuff your face kind of day and we all enjoyed ourselves (good thing the beer tent opened before 3:00!). Good food, GREAT atmosphere and even better company.

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