Saturday, May 30, 2009

A little brag about Matt

Scrumptious Saturday? Well, not really. I worked all day today and made breakfast for dinner. Today I really think I will brag about my husband for a minute. He has set out on a one man mission to clean up our surrounding desert. There are hundreds of square miles of desert. So, he has been tackling one road at a time. Today alone he brought 840lbs (yes, with a "0") of crap to the dump. He has been doing this for a little over a month now. I have created a separate blog to start chronicling his progress. You can see it here: area clean-up

I have come up with 2 more cape designs as they seem to be something of interest around my immediate real-life area and online. I will have to wait almost a week so I can get what I need (or want) to create the perfect toddler capes, as well as ones for older kids (I think the toddler capes should be a little shorter and easier to pull off).

I have dishes to do tonight and depending on how ambitious I am after that I may finally finish the dress I started early in the week.

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