Monday, May 25, 2009

Halloween in May

Oh boy. Today was a good Memorial Day, we relaxed and shopped (who doesn't like to shop?). I managed to avoid the one place I wanted to go, but am banning myself from until next payday (any guesses? LOL).

Matt bought me a stash of sewing supplies since most of mine are still in dear old ABQ. I have my sewing machine set up in a little corner and I am ready to get to work. Who needs a Halloween costume (yes, I know it isn't even June yet)? We are doing a family theme this year again. Last year we were Peter Pan (RJ), Tinkerbell (Aubrey) and Wendy (me). RJ has decided that this year we will have costumes from Alice in Wonderland! I am actually excited about this and not JUST because Tim Burton has decided to do another that looks AWESOME!!

Did I mention that Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter? Yummy!!!

Anyway, back to the family thing... RJ wants mommy to be Alice (awwww, that's sweet... but I think Aubrey is blonder and cuter!) So Aubrey will be Alice. RJ will be the Cheshire cat, which should be fun to make! I am planning to be the queen of hearts. I like the costume and I get to do crazy make-up. Matt will be the Mad_Hatter, naturally. I will try and keep up with pictures and what not as I go. I will probably do the adult costumes first because they are larger and because the kids will most likely grow between now and then. I am SO excited about this Halloween though!! Yeah, I am starting soon


  1. Can't wait to see how these come out. The ones from last year and the year before came out sooooo good. You are one talented momma. Are you taking orders ;)

  2. I am thinking about it!! LOL Thank you Cheli

  3. What a cute theme! Can't wait to see all the costumes done! Aubrey will be an adorable Alice!