Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This little crafty blogging adventure is courtesy of cute2carry. Mostly, I have been cooking and baking the past few weeks. I am re-doing one of our rooms into a craft room for me. I am going to try and pursue this hobby of mine with more vigor. I told Matt it would make all the difference if I didn't have to pack everything up each night. I get so tired of pulling things out and putting them back that I just don't bother most days. I finished my bag from this tutorial ,but no pictures before I gave it away (it was on a whim and a patient of mine really, really appreciated it--she is going through her second round of Chemo).

Butter topped white bread

Fat-free blueberry cream cheese muffins (except the butter for Matt!)

Rye Bread Loaf and Round

So there are two projects I am currently working on. I am knitting a blanket for RJ and have completed one panel of 9! Thank goodness it doesn't get cold here too fast. If I get one done per week we will be okay.

The other project I have started is a lap quilt. They are 6.5" squares in a 6x9 pattern that I have not laid out at the moment. I do have everything cut though. This is my second quilt ever but the first since I was a teenager (gasp, more than 10 years now).

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