Monday, August 24, 2009


Kindergarten. I think that word can stand as it's own sentence today. We were both ready for him to go. Maybe he was a little more ready than I was. We had his outfit laid out last night and he has been eyeing this shirt since I brought it home a few weekends ago (thank you Traci). He got the shoes from his favorite Aunt, Regina. We can walk to the school, I don't even think it is a mile away. He knows a few of the kids from the neighborhood and from Karate, but none of them are in his class. There are 30 kids, 18 boys and 12 girls. His teacher's name is Mrs. Richman. RJ is the tallest boy in his class (measuring at 46.5 inches this afternoon). There was a little girl I didn't see this morning that has even him by a few inches. He was happy to see me after a few short hours and wished he could stay longer. Aubrey missed him a lot, but I think she and I can find something to do for a little while.

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