Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death and the Woo-woo

Some people just seem to be conduits and some times I am one of them. When Matt, the kids and I were out in the desert about a month ago I had this creepy calm float over me. I looked at Matt and told him someone was going to die. He is in tune to me, so he knows when I have feelings like this they are normally accurate. Then two days later the crows started talking to Nana (my maternal grandmother) at the cabin. So now, someone is dying. I don't know if this was what we were feeling or not. I guess I will only know when everything has resolved. I shut out this side of me a lot, but I guess I need to embrace it. My dad just calls it "woo-woo" since it is something he doesn't understand. I married a man who is perhaps more in tune with it than I am. Just thought I would share.

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  1. My family has "woo woo" stuff, too. It's sometimes hard to grasp in todays world where it is played off as an overactive imagination. I definitely think it stems from the Cherokee/Blackfoot background in our family.