Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where did my week go?

It's Thursday already????

OK, I have no idea where my week went. I feel like I still haven't accomplished much of anything. I have a clean kitchen and porch, I got the kids rooms cleaned out. I have one of those 4 foot long 3 foot wide tubs full of baby clothes that no longer fit (having a girl was notgood for my budget). I scrubbed and scoured all day, but I didn't get anything done that I want to do. I have a finished dress that I am not happy with the top on, a half finished purse that I want to add grommets instead of button-holes one and about 15 scrapbook pages that just aren't quite right.

Am I being neurotic? Probably. I am also overly tired and stressed out about finances (who isn't anymore?). I mean, we're fine, we'll make it, it is just another thing that I am not happy with our position on.

Oh, and the lady at the front office gave Aubrey a peppermint patty when I wasn't looking and see what happened:

So we had a bath and tooth brushing in the bathroom sink (because I hadn't cleaned the tub yet).

Baseball practice went well, other than RJ running after every ball whether it was hit towards him (at third base) or the other way. Enough ramblings for the evening, goodnight.

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