Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh what a Saturday

So, in good Irish Catholic fashion I decided to drink tonight. We had our lovely babysitter, Aunt Mandy. Mandy is a childhood friend of Matt and his sister, Regina. She is beautiful and happy and bubbly ... even Aubrey, hater of all people, ran into her arms this evening. She watched the kids so that Matt and I could attend a wedding reception. We came home and RJ had dressed himself in this:

Matt and I attended for about an hour. It was almost painfully uncomfortable. I know Matt would love to rekindle this friendship in another setting, so hopefully they will get in contact again soon. Hopefully it meant something that after 15 years, Matt attended this union. It really was a beautiful ring ceremony and reception. We kind of left early though, me being in an emotional state already, and went to the bar. Here is the dress I wore (although I had some spanx on to suck in the rest of the belly!!!):

The second picture is of Aubrey and I as we are about to leave. I think I over the fiasco that surrounded my attendance at the funeral. Let us hope so, because I have been angry and unable to focus. Matt (who is spiritually sensitive) says that grandma bears no ill feelings and understand my inability to attend at the hands of my father. So tomorrow, hopefully, I will be emotionally stable again and can get back on track with this and everything else. One more night to wallow in sorrow fits the bill.

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  1. Hi Katie! I remember you from the due in March board as well. I'm glad you found me! I wasn't able to be on the March board much when I was pregnant because somehow things are always crazy busy with us. But, I'm glad to be able to keep up with people through our blogs. Anyway, thanks for writing to me!