Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first tutu!

So I made my first tutu today. I went to Joann's since the tulle was on sale (for $0.78 per yard). I only bought a half yard of each red, white and blue. I had the elastic waist at home and I had some red, white and blue ribbons in my ribbon stash. I'd read several places that all you need to do was sew the waist band and then slip-knot the tulle on. It really is that easy! I added some ribbon (I might add more) and I am done! I do have some blanket binding I may attempt to cover the waist with (to protect her skin). I also have a very cute red and white gingham swing top and white bloomers for her to wear. I am excited! I have 2 weeks to make it perfect.

A side view, it could be fuller and I would buy more material next time although I am super happy with the length.

From the top, I will be adding more ribbon and may change it out for the 1/8" instead of the 3/8" using it every spacing.

I took this picture as soon as we woke up Sunday morning.


  1. Very Cute! I love making Tutu's! It's the one thing even I can make. I made a cute one for Jenna with a matching shirt!

  2. CUTE!! I know how to make them.. just haven't done it yet. But that one is totally precious!

  3. I can't wait to see it on her Karen. I was really surprised how easy it was! lol. I think I may make like 10 now.