Sunday, February 28, 2010

Who's your daddy? (and how'd he get mommy?)

Claire, over at Are muffins just ugly cupcakes?

inspired me to write this post. I think it is one of those things that is slightly unbelievable. It also tells what a different person each of us is now.

Matt, what can I say-- he is H-O-T hot! I dare someone to disagree, I mean look at him:

So, I went to pick up my sister from work at OfficeMax one day in my TransAm. What color was it you ask? It was white. It had T-tops and was a RamAir. That thing was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. Yeah, it is hot too:

BUT then again, so was I:

(that is me on the left)

Anyway, back to the story...

I asked my sister who the hot guy in the stationary aisle was, then dragged her over. She said simply "oh, that's Matt" and we left.

You see, I was in a relationship, sort of. K had a girlfriend, sometimes. Sometimes we were all together at the same time. I was living with a pharmacist I worked for. Well, she lived with her boyfriend and I lived in her house. Anyway, this is getting complicated...

Fast forward a month or two. I went to see my parents one night and as I was saying goodbye, I gave everyone a kiss on the forehead. Matt was there, drinking with my parents (who are cooler to everyone else than they were to me! lol). My sister said "where's Matt's kiss" So I kissed him on the forehead too (He later admitted looking down my shirt at this point).

Sara then tried to get me to go out with Matt every chance she got. I was too hung up on whatshisface (oh, they have the same name Claire!) to give it a go.

Then one night, I decided to call Sara up. I wanted to go out for my 22nd birthday. I needed her to come and watch my new puppy. Matt came up with her! I was a few drinks in already and told him just what I thought of him (hey, you are really, really hot). So my friends and I took him with us for the night. We went to a strip club, then to a few bars.

When we got back to my house (I had my own apartment at this point), I was all sorts of hot and bothered. There was only one problem... yep, ol' whatshisface. Matt told him in no uncertain terms that he needed to stay out of my life. Well, that sealed it for me.

I definitely put out on the first date. I moved in within a week, was pregnant within a month and married and a mom within the year.

Almost 7 years (OMG, I am almost 29!!) and another baby later, we are still going strong. Good thing we had a lot more than chemistry in common. It is amazing how things work out in the long run!


  1. Aww!! He IS hot!
    But he's the lucky one, with a catch like you!

  2. If I had to choose between whatshisname and Matt... Well, you know which one I would choose... And RJ does get his dreamy eyes from his daddy!