Friday, February 19, 2010

Morning conversations

Some days Aubrey wakes up RJ and some days it is the other way around. I am not sure who woke up first this morning, but the conversation was pretty darned hysterical.

RJ: "Good morning Aubrey, let's stretch"
Aubrey: "Okay bruddah, jump jacks, jump jacks, fall down"
RJ: "Aubrey, stretch your arms and touch your toes, push up time"
Aubrey: "one, two, five, fourteen"
RJ: "Okay, now jumping jacks again, touch your toes, act like a droid"
Aubrey: "I am a droid!!"

It went on for some time like that. Then they heard me and came running out. I love mornings like this. They are content, they are loving each other. Now they are racing like nascar around the coffee table being silly.

I think I will honor the pancake requests now. What a wonderful morning!

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