Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where is my warning label?

I think the warning label must have fallen off. Of my children, that is.

No one tells you when you have kids that they are going to be the single most heartbreaking experience of your life.

Heartwarming, heartbreaking, heart wrenching... yep, all of those. All of those in 2 seconds flat.

I never knew that being a mom would be so hard. Sure, I had a mom. My mom made it look easy. She never let on that she would come in to check on us at least once a night. She never let on that every time we were out of her sight she worried herself into gray hair (or that will be my excuse anyway).

Being a mom is scary.

So, I know that even when my kids are grown and gone, I will worry. I will wonder and I will have to distract myself or go insane.

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