Saturday, February 20, 2010


My kids, they do love each other.

Aubrey adores RJ and tries to protect him. We were wrestling on the floor and she came and pulled my hair (ouch!) and told me "get off my bruddah!!" in a very serious tone. Then she, of course, tackled him herself.

RJ is sweet enough to let her win (sometimes) and play babies with her, very tenderly. He plays daddy and she mommies very well.

They both play Star Wars. Who knew it would be popular as ever almost 30 years after the fact? She sings the imperial march:

and he tells her which droid to be, or which darth whatever she needs to kill. It is hysterical, and I know it is only for a fleeting amount of time. I hope they will remember, one day when they are fighting, that they had so much fun together. If not, I will remind them (not so gently).

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