Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moving, blech!

Well, we're not even packed all the way yet. Who knew so much shit could fit in such a small place? Seriously, we have been used to moving 2-3 times a year for the 5 years before we met that we never hung on to anything long. In 3 1/2 years we have accumulated JUNK. Sure, I adopted a new hobby and have enough craft stuff to open my own store (oh yeah that's right I HAVE my own store, I just don't maintain it!).

So we have a plan for all this crap. I am going to take a few months off once little miss bean enters the world. I am going to beg my sister to come out and help me with RJ so I can just create, create, create! I need to get my store up and running full time and offer a variety of products. I think my list is still relatively small at this point (less than 50 items and only a few pages). Matt wants me to have fun doing what I love and see if we can turn any sort of profit at all. This way I can be home for 3 months with the kids, I can have a job to return to if necessary and I won't have this "what if" cloud hanging over me.

I just can't not work, it is not in me. I become very bored very quickly even with a very active and loving toddler to keep my company. I just crave something more! I have all these dreams and aspirations and I want my kids to know that you can achieve anything even if your decisions in life have not lead you down a straight path.

Then there is school, I will be re-applying to UNLV in the Fall of 2008 (I was accepted for Fall 2007, but fell pregnant... I like that phrase!) and hopefully I can juggle a job, a marriage, 2 kids and a full time schedule. So these are my random thoughts for today as I try and block out any ideas of the actual move looming in the very VERY near future.

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