Monday, January 14, 2008

Pondering Stupidity

Do you ever just have one of those days? The days where you swear everyone on the planet has gone bananas? I had one today. Every phone call I took, people couldn't remember who they were calling for or why and expected me to know. People were hanging up and being generally rude. I was mistaken for anyone from someone's mother to their girlfriend. Helllloooooo, I answer the phone with the NAME OF THE BUSINESS. Maybe I am just cranky. I am uncomfortable to say the least... and anemic too I guess. Lovely, eh? Like I'm not having a problem taking a dump already (was that vulgar? Oh well.)

Now I am home and I made dinner... fish, at Matt's request. He wants to eat healthier, but hates healthy food (go figure). He took one bite and acted like a 2 year old who got a whiff of his own diaper. He gagged, spit it in the sink, scrubbed his tongue under hot water and then ate a HUGE bite of brownie to wash it down (so much for health food!). RJ even ate the fish, good points scored there bubby. Matt ended up with a pulled pork sandwich and rice, haha. Silly men, I swear just for that he gets this:

P.S. Don't tell him I made this picture public!! ::snicker::

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