Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Like Home ... or NOT

So our home away from home for a night was rather, ummmm.... uh ....
The shower had zero water pressure, it literally just misted you. I was colder when I got out than when I went in. I didn't bother to wash my hair because I would have had soap in it all day. The window looked like it could have been opened, but it was screwed shut. Towels barely covered RJ and were so thin you could see through them.
We found out the mattresses were fairly new (thank goodness) because the sheets did not stay on well at all. We certainly needed the blankets since the ancient wall heater did nothing for warmth and was a huge safety hazard with young children. It was scorching hot to the touch while barely raising the temperature of the room more than a couple degrees.
The TV was so old it didn't even have a place to hook up the RCA cables to entertain the kids with video games or a movie. Add to it that the TV cabinet blocked half of the bathroom door, the refrigerator sounded like it was going to explode and the microwave took 18 minutes to warm water and you have a family vacation ala Griswold!
Seriously though, the lady gave us guff about how cheap it was ($66.08) and that we couldn't get a AAA discount because her price was from 2003 and that we didn't have to leave our apartment (until I asked her if she would be okay breathing in feces). Ahhhhh, heaven.

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