Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Do You Explain It To a 2 Year Old?

Aubrey seems to be the one who has been affected by this change the most. She is whinier than normal, she is mean and she cries a lot. She asks over and over and over to go home. We tell her that we can't go home right now and she is inconsolable. She even wanted to go to her room when Matt made her stand with her nose in the corner (for bad behavior). What kid asks to go to their room as punishment and then bawls because they can't?

RJ is acting out in his own ways and slightly manipulating the situations. He plays more video games than usual because we feel bad.

We did have a few bright spots yesterday. The boys won their baseball game against the toughest team in our league. We were down 8-2 going into the 4th inning. We got 2 hits, a few walks and scored 3 runs. We were on our last out and the best hitter (who Matt calls Hollywood) steps up to the plate. The pitcher was all over the place and on a full count, Hollywood golf swings and hits a line drive down first base and way out of the park. He clears the bases and we are up by one. We were the away team so the club ball team comes up, with the top of their lineup (the best hitters). Hollywood is on the mound and he strikes out the side, one-two-three. The kids went NUTS, Matt and the other two coaches went NUTS and the other team stood there with their jaws on the floor -- the Cougars were beaten by some nobody team from Boulder City.

Then at five o'clock RJ was able to have his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, with three of his best friends and his cousins. There was pizza and chocolate chocolate chocolate cake. He didn't like the "babyness" of the singing part, but the rest of it kept him smiling.

We spent the night with some friends in Boulder City because we couldn't bear the thought of driving away again last night. Today will be another hard day, but yesterday was amazing.

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