Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I'm working on Wednesday

This blogging idea is from cute2carry! What I am working on Wednesday might just be the inspiration I need! Currently I am actually working on a bag from this tutorial! I have everything cut and interfaced, I just have to piece together and sew. Hopefully I can knock that out tomorrow night. I am still in a considerable amount of pain, but projects are keeping my mind off of it! Here are my fabrics:

I am also working on a cape for a precious little boy named Justin. I am not posting pictures of it until I have it perfect and have his mama's final approval. I can tell you it is blue and red and reversible though!

The other thing I am working on, as a personal aside, is potty training Aubrey. She did phenomenal today! She loves her big girl undies and refused a diaper all day. So a big way to go to her today... and a pat on the back for me!

I had to throw this one in just because he is such a good big brother. He holds her hand wherever we go. She will actually run after him and yell "hand!" if he forgets. I just hope they stay friends for a long, long time.


  1. Hi Katie! I just loved your post ~ and I can't wait to see the completed bag! Be sure to post in in my Flickr group when it's done. :) Thx for joining us at WIWOW!

  2. I'm so sorry you're still in so much pain :( I'm so giddy over Justin's cape, lol! Can't wait for him to see it! It's so crazy to me our babies are so into the potty! Nathan just loves wearing underwear!

  3. Potty training??? Already??? Seriously??? I'm just now getting RIVER to potty train. Holy cow.