Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Less than a MONTH!

More from my newest fun online toy polyvore today! On to back to school ... or in our case, first to school? Haha!

RJ picked these out:

BTS RJ/SM Gymboree
BTS RJ/SM Gymboree by KatieQ89123 featuring Converse shoes

With Converse shoes. He is on a soldier kick right now and is all about the Camo. All of this (except shoes) is from ... you guessed it ... Gymboree

Our second set of options is a mix of Old Navy and Crazy8, most of which we own. I am not typically into character or movie tees, etc. but he loves them right now and these look retro, so I can roll with it.

RJ's requests
RJ's requests by KatieQ89123 featuring DC Shoes
I can not believe that my son is starting kindergarten in less than a month!!! He is ready, mentally, but I am not. I haven't wrapped my head around it yet. It should be exciting times for all of us though.

So what is your vote on the school outfits? I will probably let him pick it out... but input is always appreciated. Yes, it is hot here, but he will be rough and tumbling on concrete and asphalt too so pants may be a good idea.

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  1. I vote for the first set.. but maybe some of the 2nd too..