Monday, March 8, 2010

Accessory Holder tutorial- Part 2

OK, now for the second half. There is some simple sewing involved in these steps. I used a 3/4" blue grossgrain ribbon and a 1/4" pink satin ribbon to coordinate with my paper print. I cut these to approximately 27 inches (to allow 2 feet of hanging space).

Line up your ribbon ends, with the smaller ribbon in the center.
Fold over twice on one end. Once about 1/4" and the second about 1" to form a loop at the bottom. You will slip a ring to hold ponies on through here (or to anchor your ribbons)
Sew the velcro to the front side of the ribbon (this will face the back of your frame where the other strip of velcro is):

Make sure your ribbon is centered and doesn't slip before you make your line across:

I used a zig-zag stitch and went over it 3 times to secure it. You can use a straight or a applique stitch depending on your preference:

I varied the distance between some of the lines. 3 inches for sunglasses (you have to get them through somehow. It is also better for the kind that fold flat.

Teeth, meet fuzz:

Just stick that velcro on to your strip, no complicated gluing and you can reposition it! lol

All finished: Now just to hang it and add pretties!

A ring (that came with some ponies) that I added to hold them all. You could also use a ring for stretchy/knit headbands:

A cute (Gymboree FFM) headband:

The top half:

All hung on the wall (not the prettiest picture, since light is waning). It gives you an idea though. I added a bracelet to the pushpin, a pair of glasses, a headband and a jump ring with ponies. If you add more ribbons you can alter them to have clippies and curlies too (I will get to that some other time).

Have fun! Leave questions or comments, please.

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