Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Little Things

Going on our third week today it has been all of the little things that we miss the most. Sleeping in your own bed, not shushing your children 500 times not to annoy someone, cooking in your own kitchen. We catch ourselves saying "sure, let me just get the .... oh, no, sorry kids, that is at home" far too often.

Even though things haven't changed much, still ... we are trying to remain upbeat and are hoping to get into our own place again within the next week or two. Our host has been more than gracious, and hasn't complained about our crap everywhere or our loud and obnoxious children... but we still feel like we are imposing on her life. It is hard not to feel that way, not matter how much she loves us.

Not much progress, no test results, the waiting game continues ...

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