Friday, January 1, 2010


I just realized how many hobbies I have!! I have everything out of boxes in my craft room. I need to make 25 capes, by Tuesday. So I have my table cleared... but I can not work in this chaos! Thank goodness Matt said we will tackle it together tomorrow. I love him! By these pictures you can not tell how much I've acutally done!!

This is the view from the door to the room, which is also supposed to be the playroom. I took the non-working TV out today. I need to find one I can mount on the wall (open to suggestion!!) I have 2 sewing machines and a serger. There are 2 totes full of yarn, one full of ribbon, and each of the storage cubes house a different hobby (candle making, beading/jewelry, rhinestones, fabric painting, decoupage, stamping, etc.) The storage on top of the desk has some display items and stuff I use almost every day (glue, scissors, paper). I have a basket containing 100-some patterns. Matt even gave me an old tool chest which now houses paint, cutting instruments and other things that are better locked away from the kids.

This is the other corner. I have scrapbooking, knitting, sewing and other general crafting books on the shelf (along with some other things). The drawers of RJ's old dresser contain fabric (except the top drawer, which has the kids' coloring books and crayons). I have my trusty old Cricut (the original!) and 16 cartridges on top of the dresser. I am not sure what the containers on top of the bookshelf will hold. I have pails on hooks that have Sharpies (I have over 100 of those too), scissors (the pattern-edged kind) and other writing utensils. I broke it up with some page layouts. I also have some star hooks on the wall to hold capes I have finished. I have 2 ottomans (ottomen? haha) that will house kids books and work as seating in this area (where the TV will go when I find one that will work).

I also cleaned out the closet in this room and plan to install some shelves. I am implementing a "one set" rule from now on. The toys will be put into totes by type of toy (Little People, Tranformers, My Little Ponies) and the kids can play out of one tote each at a time. If they want something else, the previous toys have to be boxed up and put away. I hope this works!!

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  1. We have a 19" LCD flat screen mounted on the wall in the kids play room. Works great! We're about to upgrade it to the same kind only with a DVD player built in.