Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have been a busy, busy bee!! I have made 12 capes and counting in the last 2 weeks. I may have to hire someone or invest in a caffeine IV. I have on deck, 3 batman capes, a party pack of 6 (for a 4 year olds birthday party), a cupcake birthday cape, a watermelon cape (so neat!), a princess cape, little red riding hood, a firefighter AND spiderman (who doesn't have a cape, but what the heck eh?)

Here is a peek of one for a kindergarten friend of RJ's (her mom said pink and green and the rest I just ran with):

So I am also having a little contest (for my whole 6 followers, lol) on facebook... whoever recruits the most fans to my page will win a FREE cape! Yes, FREE! Katies-Capes-and-Crafts

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  1. just wanted to let you know I SO read your blog.